Indian Company is going to Acquire Salesforce implementation partner 4C

BENGALURU: Wipro Indian IT Company will acquire Salesforce implementation partner 4C for 68 million euros, the Bengaluru-based software services exporter said on Thursday.

To whom Wipro is going to buy?

Independent Salesforce Platinum Partner and it has deep capabilities across multiple Salesforce clouds including sales, marketing, and field services. It specializes in transforming Quote-to-Cash processes with Salesforce’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), and billing solutions. Quote-to-Cash is an integrated management business process.

What benefits will be to Wipro, after this buying?

“This combination, along with Wipro’s reach across the region and industry, will help us become a dominant player in Europe and a leader in Salesforce’s Quote-to-Cash domain,” said Harish Dwarkanhalli, President, Cloud Enterprise Platforms, Wipro.

4C has more than 350 employees across offices in London, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen and Dubai.

“Acquisitions will be part of our agenda. There are positions to take, we will continue to look for companies that are reinforcing our position in areas that we feel are strategic; it can be a specific market, specific industry, or specific technology,” Delaporte told ET in a recent interview.

Wipro is already in this business from many years & after this, The Indian IT services company, which has a Salesforce business in the Americas, Japan, and Australia that had been reinforced with the acquisition of Appirio in 2016, said the 4C acquisition would significantly strengthen its position as a Salesforce solutions provider in these markets.

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